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  • Can I practice Zhineng Qigong if I have hemiparalysis?

Yes. You may practice "mind form" and try to move the body with your "mental / spiritual power". The practical and effective method is to practice Pulling and Filling Chi Method.

  • Other than practicing Zhineng Qigong, can we also walk or jog as well? Will our qi be lessened due to the walking or jogging or involved in other sports?

Yes, you can do all other sports. Inner and outer qi exchanges naturally, qigong practicing only enhance this process to keep healthy. It would be better if you could think of your "inner self" while doing other sports. Thus the qi-dispersing would be reduced to the minimum. This higher-level mind cultivation needs long-term practicing and correct instructions.

  • Is it all right to take a shower and wash hair after qigong practice? Must we wait for some time before doing it, if so how long to wait and for what reason?

Yes, it is all right to do anything after the practice. There is no particular contraindication before and after the practice. But better wipe the sweat away and use warm water to avoid sudden environmental change to the body.

  • Is there a rule that says you can't practice qigong after sex or sex will degrade your qigong practice?

There is no such rule. But you would have to pay attention on trying to lose less chi/energy by collecting chi within. Serious practitioners are advised to avoid frequent sexual activities in order to advance to a higher level.

  • What exercises are good for allergy (urticaria, running nose, running eyes, cough, wheezing...)?

Generally speaking, all forms help lessen the symptoms of allergy if one sticks to them and practice them arduously. In order to speed up the healing, increase the practice duration and times of LCUPCD (enhancing the functions of the skin and the membrane lateral channels for urticaria); Stretching Chi Form and the second and third postures in Body & Mind Form can help strengthen the functions of the lungs and respiratory system (for running nose, running eyes, cough, wheezing...).

I was born with an allergic body, especially to seafood and drugs. But the allergic symptoms completely disappeared without notice no long after I started to practice Zhineng Qigong. I never refuse seafood now.

  • What are the benefits of book-reading in Qigong practice? On the subject of books, in my ZNQG association we have been expressly advised *not* to read any books on qigong. We are expected to follow only what the teacher says. My question then is: How does reading books fit into one's practice? Are we perhaps better served by not reading? (You may, of course, assume that I am receiving competetent instruction).

In fact, I didn’t mean to compete with any one by publishing Life More Abundant. I just hope the shared knowledge of Zhineng Qigong could benefit every English-speaking practitioner who longs for the authentic teachings of Prof. Pang rather than oral passing-ons from the third even forth parties.

Prof. Pang’s books are indispensable like sunshine and water to Zhineng Qigong practitioners because true students never cast away their textbooks. I believe the teachers who were professionally trained at the Center would not give no-book-reading suggestions unless they do so on selfish purposes. Below is what Prof. Pang wrote in his book:

"…As explained in the former sections, Zhineng Qigong is not a simple method or skill; it is a complete body of learning, a profound and advanced science. It has its unique theoretical system, specific methods, objects and aims, as well as its own ranges of research.

Although Zhineng Qigong is completely new to most people, its validity has been and is being proved by millions of practitioners. Every practitioner should avoid worship of and blind faith in chigong, but should seek rather to obtain a completely rational understanding of chigong. Only when one has a real understanding that Zhineng Qigong is an authentic science can one establish a genuine trust in it. One is then able to see the great power of this faith in one’s own practice. Only when one studies and masters the theories of Zhineng Qigong in depth is it possible to rid oneself of the limitation of general knowledge (including the general knowledge of modern science), and only then is it possible to accept the seemingly miraculous phenomena of chigong as normal, natural and proper…" (Life More Abundant, Page 135)

Another fact is that, without the recommendations from the teachers and instructors to their students, Life more Abundant could not have ranked No.3 in Sweden and No.9 in Malaysia now on Amazon’s best-seller lists. My momentary impulse of translating Prof. Pang’s books satisfied my own leisure-time thirst for advancement and meet the request of my club friends. It’s simply a labor of love.