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Zhineng Qigong FAQs - Extra Forms

Can I do the Squatting Form without a wall?

Yes. It’s a frequently used warm-up form before regular group practice. In order to obtain the best benefits, it’s recommended to perform standard Wall-squatting Form in individual practice.

Can I la-chi while sitting on a sofa or on a plastic chair or should I sit on a wooden chair or a stool to do it?

Yes, you can do it while both sitting and standing, but there is little difference in the posture.

The other parts of the body can be adjusted according to the requirements described in Life More Abundant from page 225 to 229 except the waist and the lower limbs.

While sitting, the Ming Men part should be withholding (or withdrawing) forward rather than pushing out. The legs are apart as shown in Fig.125 on page 255.

Sofa and any chairs are all right, but hard and wooden chair would make it easier and more comfortable to hold the correct posture.

Is closing the chi field opposite to opening the chi field? (Life More Abundant, pages 242 and 243)

"Closing Chi Field" is not the opposite of but very similar to "Opening Chi Field". The procedure is like this:

  1. Think about the depths of the void-essence, then your surroundings/chi field, everyone present.
  2. Think about your "inner self" - collecting chi inside, you are filled with chi, you are healed, healthier, stronger, happier...any good wish you can think of.
  3. Think about the great Zhineng Qigong chi field in China or in the world, the blessings of Prof. Pang and your fellow practitioners.
  4. Repeat 2.
  5. You may repeat 1-4 a few times until you believe you have gathered all the chi in your chi field inside and keep it within yourself (not around yourself) then rest and experience the peace for a while.

What happens if you forget or deliberately fail to close the chi field?

It’s like a farmer who worked hard in spring and summer, but forgot to harvest the crops in fall and ruined all his efforts.

Is there any particular visualization prescribed when sqatting?

If one is still struggling with the practice and busy counting the numbers, it's all right applying no visualizations.

If one is at ease with the practice and enjoy it, indifferent to the numbers of squatting, one may wish to apply visualizations. At the stage of External Hunyuan, simply visualize the void universe down deep into the earth while squatting down and the void space up into the sky while rising up, inviting the purest universal Hunyuan chi to clean and purify your body up and down thoroughly.

Visualizations employed at Internal Hunyuan and Central Hunyuan can be a little bit different. Since the book focuses on External Hunyuan - helping beginners lay a solid foundation for beneficial practice (targeting at healing and health enhancement), I would not say too much in order to avoid confusion.

The principles of External Hunyuan were explained in the book. Readers may develop their own visualizational ideas according to these principles.